All the Critical Care Units are equipped with the best in monitoring, ventilatory and resuscitative equipment.

Luxury Beds

Variety of bed types are made available to suit the requirements of patients keeping in mind their convenience and affordability.


In medicine, dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood and is used primarily as an artificial


Shri Sai Health Checkup clinic is provide free consultant and advice with whole body checkup , Only in very Economic rate.


Pathology is a branch of medical science primarily concerning the cause, origin and nature of disease. It involves the examination of tissues,

24x7 Emergency

In case of a medical emergency, just call the Sai Emergency Services at 851 729 6407 and a well-equipped ambulance with trained



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Department Of Nephrology
Headed by Dr. Pankaj Hansh, we have succeded in decreasing the morbidity to a major extent especially in cases of acute & chronic kidney diseases, renal injuries ,nephropathies, glomerulonephritis, end stage renal diseases etc
Department Of Cardiology
Cardiac health is of key importance these days because of changing lifestyle & other habits. Cardiac issues have most vulnerable outcomes in a shorter period of time. Therefore, cardiac care is a matter of utmost importance.
Department Of Gastroenterology
Under the guidance of Dr.Ameet Kr. Banka, MD,DM (Gastro).we have managed numerous cases of chronic liver diseases, Alcoholic liver diseases, Hepatitis, Acute chronic pancreatitis, gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers, malignancies. Inflammatory Bowel disease, IBD.
Department Of Neurosciences
Led by Dr. Shekhar Kumar (DM Neuro) &Dr. Rajeev Ranjan (MCH Neuro), With their support & distinctive guidance, Shri Sai Hospital Kankarbagh,has managed both conservatively & surgically numerous cases related to brain & peripheral nervous system-
Department Of Surgery
Shri Sai Hospital accompanies an experienced team of surgeons having expertise in both general & laparoscopic surgery DR. (Prof.) Prashant Shanker Sinha (MS- Surgery) DR. (Prof.) Radhika Raman ( MS- Surgery) DR.(Prof.) Rajeev Ranjan (MS- Surgery)

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